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Old Fashioned Olive Loaf


Beef trimmings 80% lean 55.00 lb.

Pork Trim 40% lean 25.00

Water 25.00*

Pork trimmings 80% lean 20.00

Salad Olives 12.00

C.Y. Bolo-Frank OF #837 8.00

C.Y. Circle S Binder #1113 5.00

C.Y. Trumark Bestate DP-2 #1396 4.75

Sodium Tripolyphosphate #2801 0.50

Curing Salt #813 0.25

Garlic Powder 0.10


Total 155.60 lb.


  1. Grind meats through 3/8” plate.
  2. Grind meat through 1/8” plate four times
  3. Place meat in mixer, add cure, seasoning, DP-2, 15 lb of water, STPP, and garlic. Mix for 3 minutes.
  4. Add binder and balance of water, and mix for 3minutes
  5. Stuff into 114mm x 30 red fibrous casings or pack into loaf pans.
  6. Smoke/cook to an internal temperature of 156 F.
  7. Shower to a core of 90 F. and then allow to drip dry at room temperature for 30 minutes before placing in cooler.
  8. Keep refrigerated until sold.

*Increase water to 32 pounds if using emulsifier.